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Michael Silverstone


Michael is a self taught artist from the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau).  He has been exploring for just over a decade now through his draughtsmanship the myriad personalities he has come across in his hometown of Ottawa and from travels abroad.  He has always found so much richness in the broad range of tonal values that make monochromatic work such an effective evocation, a summation if you will of an individual's character.  He also strives to tell a story with his work while leaving a certain ambiguity so that a single work can relay different things to different people.  His travel journals as well have increasingly informed his life in the studio and continue to serve as a usefull conduit to the world at large.  His work can be found in private collections here in Canada and the U.S. as well as overseas in Europe.



2016.   Special Jury Prize, Honourable Mention at 2nd PAS                            International Open Juried Art Exhibition for 'Sean No. 4'

2016.   Finalist (both submissions), 2nd PAS                                                 International Open Juried Art Exhitbion 2016

2015.   Finalist (both submissions), Figureworks 2015

2015.   Kama Pigments Award at Figureworks 2015 for

            'Jennifer Marie-Graphite Study'

2014.   Finalist (both submissions), Figureworks 2014

2013.   Finalist (both submissions), Figureworks 2013

2012.   Finalist (with single submission), Figureworks 2012

2011.   Finalst (both submissions), Figureworks 2011

2011.   Special Jury Prize, Honourable Mention at Figureworks

            2011 for 'The Photographer'

Exhibitions and Gallery Show

2016.   Youthdale Art Exhibition, Metro Hall, Toronto-group show

2016.   Figureworks 2016, St. Brigids CentreOttawa group


2016.   2nd PAS International Open Juried Exhitbition, Ottawa-                     group show

2016.   Drawing From Reality, Patrick Gordon 

            Framing Studio                        

2016.   The Orange Summer Show, The Orange Art Gallery,                         Ottawa-group show

2015.   The Orange Christmas Show, The Orange Art Gallery,                       Ottawa-group show

2015.   Figureworks 2015, St. Brigids Centre for the Arts, Ottawa                 group-show

2015.   Winter Design Festival (Winterlude2015),Ottawa-group                     show

2014.   Figureworks 2014, St Brigid's Centre for the Arts, Ottawa,                 group show

2013.   Il Disgegno, Divino, Ottawa (Dec. 8-current exhibition),                     solo show

2013.   The Orange Christmas Show, The Orange Art Gallery,                       Ottawa, group show

2013.   Figureworks 2013, St. Brigid's Centre for the Arts. Ottawa

            group show 

2012.   Figureworks 2012, St. Brigid's Centre for the Arts, 

            Ottawa-group show 

2011.   Figureworks 2011, The Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa, group               show

2010.   Renderings and Other Realities, The Orange Art

            Gallery, Ottawa-solo show    




2016.  Pencil Art Society (PAS) April 2016 Spotlight featuring                      'Stillness'

2015.  Figureworks Featured Artwork of the Month for 'Jennifer                    Marie-Graphite Study'


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